300 Series Ceiling Mounted Hoist Range

300 Series Brochure

Reliability testing

  • The 300 Series hoist has been tested to the durability section of British Standard ISO10535 with 10 thousand continuous lift and lower tests
  • Extensive ongoing field trials

A host of safety features:

  • Emergency stop
  • Emergency lowering facility
    • operated by depressing a plastic tube, conveniently located on the underside of the hoist for easy access
    • Unlike some hoists the 300 range has a separate emergency lowering battery in addition to the main battery, so the emergency lowering facility is always ready for use
  • The aesthetically designed cover is securely retained by a tamper proof screw for added safety
  • 300 Series lifts up to 272 kg (42 stone) 598 lb
  • Safe, controlled transfer from the bed, wheelchair or floor

Installation and Service

  • Freewheel, powered traverse or X-Y option for complete room coverage
  • Soft start/stop – for controlled movement and positioning
  • Simple to recharge
  • Long intervals before recharging - in excess of 250 consecutive lifts of 75 kg before a low battery warning
  • Clear, bright hand control
  • Compatible with Chiltern Invadex Universal, Full support universal, Toileting, MD, Hammock and disposable slings
  • 24 Volt power for continuous, reliable operation
  • All models comply with the Medical Device Directive and BS EN10535
  • Compatible with the comprehensive range of Wispa Slings, Standing Jackets and accessories

Patient Handling Slings & Standing Jackets & Accessories
Wispa Lite Portable Hoist
100 Series Ceiling Mounted Hoist Range

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"Thank you for all your help and support on the project. As a company we will be using your services in the future on up and coming projects"

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